Glacial Erratics are large boulders, sometimes as big as a house, which were carried by glacial movements and deposited in areas far away.   In their new location, they differ from all other rocks around them. The Erratic boulder maintains a uniquely foreign presence on the landscape, but because it has been in place for thousands of years, it also tends to be very harmonious to its surroundings.

It is this dichotomy that inspired this body of work.  I contrasted rock like forms with a variety of rectilinear blocks. By constructing the forms from the same material and giving them the same surface treatment, the unrelated components start to become homogeneous. To further blur that line I made the rectangular shapes with the same surface area as their corresponding boulder. Lastly, the elements were stacked in a way that was at once balanced and at the same time somewhat precarious. My intention is that the relationship of these disparate elements be perceived as completely natural and settled while simultaneously suggesting that they might collapse at any moment.

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